How to deal with residential water damage

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STOP THE STREAM OF WATER In the event that the flooding has been caused by a blasted pipe or a water warmer disappointment, stop the fundamental water line for your home. Connect with a specialist instantly on the off chance that you can't tell from where the water is coming. TURN OFF THE POWER [...]

Dryer Vent Warning Signs

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The dryer vent hood flap doesn't open properly A musty odor is discovered in the clothing after drying Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening Clothes seem unusually hot to the touch after drying Excessive heat in the room after dryer and washer are operated Large amount of link build-up in the [...]

How to install molding

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Step 1 Cut the Corners of the Molding The hardest part of installing crown molding is cutting the corners. You can’t do it like any other trim pieces because the molding sits at an angle between the wall and the ceiling. Using a coping saw is the easiet way to cut the corners because [...]


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Washing machines are one of the most common sources of water damage in the home, and the damage can be costly. After paying the deductible, the national average claim for water damage caused by washing machines is over $5,000. Since each washing machine has multiple ways of causing water damage, many homeowners do not fully [...]


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There are lot of different situations where water damage may occur, and depending on the source, water that causes damage to your home can be categorized into three basic types: Clean Water Grey Water Black water Professional restoration companies will use different techniques to remove the water depending on its classification. Some types of [...]