Chimney Sweeping & Repairs

Chimney is an integral part of every household with fireplace. Its most important function is to take dangerous gases out of your home. In winters, when fireplace is frequently used, it is very tough to maintain chimney in a proper working condition. A dirty and unmaintained chimney causes lots of problems and there should be proper system for chimney sweeping. We provide you our professional and expert services for chimney cleaning.

What leads to a need to maintain chimney?

Chimney is a part always exposed to smoke or heat from the fireplace. The smoke starts layering on the walls of the chimney leading to deep marks and heat causes damage to the material it is made of. Other than that, chimney is always exposed to weather changes in external environment, making it more vulnerable to wear and tear. Chimney stones can get loose or damaged. Chimney liners and caps also get affected.

Why chimney cleaning is needed?

While the function of chimney is to throw dangerous gases in outer environment, a clogged and dirty chimney doesn’t do this as effectively. This leads to suffocation and accidents, even causing death due to carbon mono oxide poisoning.

Other most important hazard attached to dirty chimney is chimney fires. The inflammable particles in soot get deposited in chimney and can catch fire if not removed in some time leading to some fire accidents.

The stones in chimney can get loose causing clogged chimney. Accidents can also be experience due to these loose stones.

Our Services:

Chimney cleaning is a very hectic job which you cannot perform on your own. Its sheer size, combined with cramped quarters, can make it difficult to maintain, even for experienced chimney sweep services. There is also risk of damage because of wear and tear if the cleaner is not experienced enough.

A chimney sweeping service will have its work cut out for it. Smoke usually creates deep stains on the stone, stuff that can’t be scrubbed away without putting in a lot of effort. There’s also the fact that the chimney interior is simply too cramped for a normal-sized person to enter and when it is clogged, it almost become impossible. There is need of special techniques and machinery for the process.

The good news is that you can use our chimney sweep services to take care of the cleaning. Our professional and expert staff have the tools they need to give your chimney a thorough scrubbing. Such chimney service tools might include broom-handled scrubs and special chemicals that will dissolve all the accumulated grime. Not only the cleaning services, if you are in need of chimney repair or a roof leak repair, we can help with that too. So call us today and experience best chimney sweeping services in the town!

Chimney Repair


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